Drain cleaning by st charles plumbers

The cleanliness of a house is determined by the quality of plumbing done there. When the system is clogged, it leaves behind germs and a bad smell. It is therefore important to know how to clean the drain by hiring the excellent st charles plumbers. They specialize in drain cleaning, gas line replacement, camera inspections, sewer cleaning and replacement of water lines. Other services include leak detection, installing backflow devices and sewer line replacements. They achieve this by using the following tools.

The Auger

This is a device used to unblock clogged toilets and urinals. There are two types which include the toilet auger and the urinal auger. The toilet auger goes beyond the bowl to unblock any stoppage. It has an additional 3 feet cable that can be released from it. The urinal auger is made of spring steel that is highly flexible to enable it to go through tight bends. It also has an additional 2 feet cable in it. The two drain cleaning tools are telescopic in nature and they go beyond the bowl to ensure that the client’s drain is unblocked.

Maxi rooter

St charles plumbers use this device to perform tough jobs out of its heavy duty motor. It has nylon rollers which ensure easy climbing of stairs. To keep it in place while operating, a foot brake is used. Also it has a 20 foot power cable and therefore it can be used even from a far distance.


It is a heavy duty appliance which unblocks hard stoppages. The st charles plumbers use this tool which works by motor powers the cable which move to and fro and thus it cannot get stuck in the drain. Plumbers use it with a stand to ensure stability. It is used to unblock stoppage in tight spaces.

Troubleshooting drain problems

The tools discussed above are just a few of those that are used in making sure that home drainage systems are free from blockages. There are different causes of drain blockage in the home. The method of unclogging depends on the type of clog:

Insoluble bathroom waste: This normally happens when materials such as plastic bags, condoms and other insoluble waste. When this gets stuck somewhere along the drainage pipes, waste accumulated behind the clog creating a waste back up to the house.

Tree roots in the pipes: there are times when tree roots can get ingrown into the drainage pipes. When this happens, the space where wastes flow through becomes narrower until a complete blockage occurs. Removing the root is the only remedy for this problem.

The st charles plumbers are reliable and they offer exceptional emergency service. They help solve any plumbing problem using their modern tools. Their experts also play a big role in ensuring all plumbing systems are working properly.

Plumbers best tips for septic tank maintenance

What is a septic tank?

Most home owners do not really understand what a septic tank is or the role that it plays towards the overall sanitation of the home. The tank is a reservoir where all the solid and liquid bathroom waste goes to after leaving the house. The tank is normally located a few meters from the house. However, there are properties, especially those that have limited space for compound, where the tank is placed directly underneath the house. A tank will take years to fill up, as a matter of fact, with proper septic tank maintenance from reliable plumbers; you can go for decades without needing a replacement.

Maintaining a septic tank

Most septic tanks are pretty simple in structure. They have 2 compartments. The upper one is separated from the lower one by a filter. This is what separates solid waste from liquid waste. The liquid is then directed either to a treatment plant or disposed off correctly, after treatment. The solid waste on the other hand, is worked on by the anaerobic bacteria that live in the tank. The bacteria’s role is to cause decomposition. Maintaining a septic tank therefore means the following three main services:

  • Making sure that the filter is working correctly. In case the filter gets clogged, the waste will not get separated and the tank will fill up with sludge. This sludge starts pooling around the tank, causing bad odor in the compound. It also leads to waste water backing up to the bathrooms and difficulties when flushing the toilet.
  • Ensuring that all the sewage disposal pipes in and out of the tank are working properly and that there are no blockages or leakages. Blockages reduce the efficiency of water drainage leading to a filled up tank.
  • Making sure that the anaerobic bacteria is properly decomposing the solid wastes that are deposited in the tank. When chemicals kill these bacteria, decomposition stops and sludge builds up.

Common maintenance services

The first maintenance service offered by plumbers is pumping. This happens when the level of the sludge rises above what is recommended. Septic tank maintenance experts normally use an exhauster to do the pumping. After the pumping, the filters are cleaned. The pipes that are connected to and from the tank are checked for blockages; this is followed by flushing to clear the system.  If the bacteria have died as a result of soaps or other bathroom chemicals, the experts will introduce artificial bacteria to help with the decomposition as the natural ecosystem is brought back to balance. Follow up services may also be offered to ensure that the entire drainage system retains its functionality. Experts will also give you tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy drainage ecosystem, including the products that are recommended in the cleaning of the systems.

Tips On Choosing The Best Plumbing Fixtures

The quality of drainage in your home determines the level of comfort you are going to experience when living there. When the drainage is efficient, the supply of water in the home will be great. On the other hand, when the drainage has issues, you will have to deal with blocked sewers, blocked sinks and clogged drains. Good drainage starts with the plumbing fixtures that you get for the job. Below are some tips that can help you choose the best drainage supplies near you.


Think about durability

Drainage supplies can be quite expensive. This means that you cannot afford to change them every three weeks. When you are shopping, think about the length of time that you have had your current fixtures and how long you would like to have the new one. Drainage appliances will come into contact with water all the time. Choose materials that can withstand rusting. Shopping at actual drainage supplies stores is the best way to make sure that you are getting the right supplies for your home. Superior quality supplies will cost you more than their low quality counterparts, therefore, be prepared to pay more for better quality supplies. However, when you compare cost with durability, you will discover that investing in better quality supplies is more cost effective.

Style and interior décor versus versatility

When you are shopping for plumbing fixtures like faucets, sinks and tabs, you have to think about the general décor of your home. Choose the colors and shades that agree with the rest of the décor in the house. However, even when you are shopping in order to match the décor, you shouldn’t forget about that versatility is the most important quality of the supplies. Find a way to balance style and practicality in the supplies that you buy.

The size of drainage appliances matters

The other thing that you need to consider is the sizes of the appliances. For instance, before you go shopping for pipes, you have to make sure that they are the right diameter. Failure to choose the right sizes in appliances can lead to complete destruction of the drainage system. Tubs, sinks and hot tubs should also be the right size. In case you are not sure about the sizing of the appliances, it is advisable to get assistance from an expert.

All these are the things that you should have in mind when you are looking for drainage appliances.  It is advisable to look for a shop that supplies trusted brands. Take time and research on the companies available in the market. Look at the ratings that have been given by people who have bought products from them. Compare the reviews with the cost and strike a balance between your budget and the quality of the products.